The Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team 
They are watchers of edges

Woman with short brown hair and patterned black and red vest sitting in wheelchair leans forward and laughs

Resource Cocktail Shaker

Woman wearing patterned brown dress, large brown scarf, and glasses looks towards the light

Sage and Breaker of Walls

Kris is a woman wearing glasses and floral patterned blue and white shirt sitting in wheelchair looks up and smiles

Anointer of Silent Stones

Woman wearing grey shirt and red satin around shoulders sitting in wheelchair laughs

High Flyers Musician

Woman in red shirt sitting in wheelchair looks up and smiles

Spiritual Guide for the Edge

man in blue hoodie and brown hat leans back in wheelchair and smiles

The protector of the café

As a diverse group of devised theatre artists, we work across physical and communication boundaries. Some of us are also members of the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team – a group of adults with Cerebral Palsy (CP) that help others learn about drama. We use computers, and word boards to talk.

When people come to our presentations, they can see that although we have CP, we are normal people who are no different from them. Our drama shows people that we are capable of complex thought, and that there are no limits to our imaginations. We are showing what is possible.

We first arrived in Toronto, with our Fabric Speakeasy – with the Café for preparing people to cross over to a special space of unknown possibilities. We’ve been exploring what it means, find edges to what we thought to be possible. 

We want to share a journey with you, come join us at the Performing Arts Centre  in St. Catharines on August 24th and 25th.

Come and participate

in the fabric SpeakEasy where we re-imagine what is possible!

Info graphic with pink ribbon describing the different stages of the Come to the Edge performance

This performance engages audience members of all abilities, while giving special attention to participation of those who use Alternative Communication.

Where the Watchers of Edges have landed before

First Come to the Edge performance - April 2017

Wheelchairs all around at the end of the performance.

Premier Performance at Artscape Sandbox, Toronto

A mix of new participants and past experienced performers from Toronto and Hamilton, where each day was a unique day of improvisation. A world in Northern Ontario revealed itself. Inside the woods on the side of a ravine, we discovered that there were some cottages. There were some comedic exchanges and some family tussles around burnt food on the stove. With all the food present, there was an incident with a bear, who appeared from the woods and got into the cabin. Once resolved, everyone had to make it to the local town, as they were now late to get on the weekly propeller plane. Overcoming some obstacles, they eventually managed to get onboard. After a few starts the engines slowly fired up. The passengers boarded the plane and got comfortable in their seats, forming a line with 2 being strapped on the wings. Everyone started to listen and hear

Taking Imagining Possibilities to Belgium

Presented Come to the Edge at a residence and AAC Conference - October 2017

Woman in yellow plaid shirt kneels besides wheelchair surrounded by other wheelchair users with fabric hanging from ceiling

Taking Imagining Possibilities to Belgium! Performance for Family and Friends at Huize Eyckerheyde Residence

During our week long stay at the Huize Eyckerheyde Residence in Belgium, a residence for people with disabilities, we ran daily Envisioned Scenography workshops.  Residents created various worlds using fabric, and brought these to life. This ranged from people being ants in the grass of a summer garden party, looking up at the guests eating, while children played around a conservatory; to a church service, with all present, along a historic waterfront. The final day was a Come to the Edge event for family and friends, complete with Belgium donuts made by the staff. Audience looked at photo cards as they pondered what they think is possible. They were invited to choose a fabric whose texture provided them with the power to come closer to the edge. After crossing the edge, the large group improvised a story around a town, with a church, garage, and nearby forest. A traveler arrived, and from the

room and tiled floor covered with multi-coloured fabric with brown fabric hanging from ceiling

Taking Imagining Possibilities to Belgium! Performance at COMALSO’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Conference in Liege

Run by Comalso ASBL, Belgian Center for Alternative and Augmentative Communication, we were thrilled to have a few residents, along with  Leadership team members Elaine Grover and Kris Daunoravicus as well as young three-year participant perform Come to the Edge. It was a magic day, and we improvised the Café and the Edge introducing Fabric resources drinks for the first time.

Woman wearing patterned brown dress, large brown scarf, and glasses looks towards the light
Kris is a woman wearing glasses and floral patterned blue and white shirt sitting in wheelchair looks up and smiles

Kris Daunoravicius travelled with us to Belgium.

In 2015 when the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team visited Brock University as part of our Engaging Possibilities project, and Kris connected to the movement.

Kris did an amazing job in Belgium and you can see details about her visit on the International Society for AAC website.

An old fashioned stamp from Belgium with helicopter

Emerging Hamilton Team join us at "All Abilities" event

Presented in the DeFasco Centre - June 2018

Re-imagined in 2019

Video from the performance at Daniels Spectrum, Toronto - March 2019

Submitted to the Hamilton Fringe Festival – where Come to the Edge happened in July 2019 at The Cotton Factory, Hamilton.

Joining the Fires

This form of performance, evolved out of an improvised creation process using Fabric Fires. The Joining the Fires community sharings, inspired Come to the Edge.

These improvisations were taken to the next level with the inclusion of David Grove’s Clean Language, and Mental Space approaches for evoking energies and metaphor landscapes. 

In 2014, the Imagining Possibilities project embarked on a new adventure, following our 2015 presentation at Artscape in Toronto.

Starting in 2015, with engagements in St. Catharines, Hamilton, and later Brantford, the improvised process for creating stories evolved into what we call Envisioned Scenography. This is a multi-arts approach, involving fabrics to create worlds envisioned by participants and within these worlds, stories and soundscapes emerge. We are grateful for the support of Ontario Trillium Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council, without which this performance form would not have been possible.

Group of wheelchair users and audience members sit and watch film together in small room with brown fabric
Imagining Possibilities Sharing at Artscape in Toronto

This is part of a Movement!

Come to the Edge, is part of how we engage communities through new modes of communication, story making and improvisation. This includes supporting groups of community members who use Alternative Augmentative Communication to take leadership roles in creating artistic experiences for their peers and the wider community.

This program is developed by A.D.C.I.D. (Aiding Dramatic Change in Development), an organization that Engages Communities in Creative Thinking which supports the organically developing Imagining Possibilities movement.

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Participant Feedback

Some photos from when the Toronto Leadership team went to St Catharines Performing Arts Centre - August 2019

In July 2019, the Toronto Team went the Hamilton Fringe Festival, and performed with the new Hamilton Team who the Toronto team is mentoring